Lidia studied Fine Arts and is currently working as a fashion, musical bands and artistic photographer. Her work is characterized by the pictorial environment, the use of color, to hide secrets in her pictures and the dreamlike quality that manages to convey.


When she creates a photograph, her main interest is not only the technical effect, but also the anecdotal. Her goal is to make people interpret her photographs, to create doubts. The viewer is forced to look at photographs for a while to delve into history. The idea is to make it disturbing, it seems that the character will begin to move at any time, to make clear that they are only one frame of a sequence. She doesn't want to create scenes, but new worlds.


Sponsors     Pentax / Sigma


Editorial       Luhu


Agencies      Art+Commerce Vogue Italia / Trevillion / Arcangel






2015            Shared Experience / INQUBATOR / Melbourne,

                    Australia (Group)


                    Evasiones / Galería Léucade / Múrcia, Spain (Group)


2014            Wonderland / Espacio Luvitien / Teruel, Spain (Solo)


2013            Wonderland / Casa de la Cultura de Andorra / Teruel, Spain



                    Wonderland / Institut d'Estudis Ilerdencs / Lleida, Spain (Solo)


2012            Lidia's Shots, Funatic, Lleida, Spain (Solo)




Speaking Engagements


2015            Ilerna / Lleida, Spain


2014            Sirera Serveis Fotogràfics / Lleida, Spain


2013            Arabell / Lleida, Spain






2015            Jornades Fotogràfiques Platja d'Aro / Platja d'Aro, Spain


                    Galería Roja / Sevilla, Spain


2014            Fotographic / Lloret de Mar, Spain




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